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All our helmets are an exact replica of the helmets worn by the drivers.

We use polyurethane paints which have excellent performance characteristics: adhesion, hardness, gloss, flexibility, and resistance to abrasion, impact, weathering, acids and solvents. The helmets are manufactured using high standard procedures; the visors are made of polycarbonate, the best and strongest material. This is a highly sought after collectors items. All the little aerodynamic shapes, colors and decals have been replicated to the perfection on this helmet.

FREE Bonuses with your purchase:

  • FREE Helmet Bag
  • FREE Customization ( add your logo / name, remove current logos, change the paint color and much more). Please check the Custom Helmet section to read what is entitled
  • FREE Choose the color of the inside fabric ( beige, black, grey , blue, green, red, white)
  • FREE Matte or Glossy finishing
  • FREE Tear-Off
  • FREE Hans-Anchors

Estimated Manufacturing Time: 8 days


Visor Material
Polycarbonate 3mm

Interior Padding
Fully Padded

Helmet Material
Shell & liner construction of fiberglass reinforced nautical resin and expanded polystyrene

1.7 KG / 3.7 pounds aproximately

A triple lacquer protection is sprayed onto helmet to protect it from scratches. We offer glossy or matt finishing

High quality and resistant polyurethane paints.