For custom helmet painting, new helmets are required. We stock, Bell, Arai, Shoei, Schuberth and Simpson replica helmets.
If you do not already have a design picked out, you can email us photos of other helmets you like, take the examples from the Galleries, or use colored pencils on the sketch sheet available on this website. If you don’t have something specific in mind, I’ll give you ideas that I think might fit your helmet style and go well with your driving suit, car, etc.

It takes about 2-3 weeks to finish the work, but I may be able to “rush” it for an extra charge.
I will email you a photo of your nearly completed helmet while it is in final cure after clear coat. The helmet must be paid %50 in advance.
Pricing is completely dependent on the design, colors and materials you’d like us to use. Most likely you will want some level of personalization and pricing will vary accordingly.

Logos, names and numbers can be added to any design, and except in rare occasions they’re always vinyl-lettered although We can also paint them at an extra cost.
Whatever you decide on, you can be sure that I’ll give your helmet paint job the same attention I give to my own. When your helmet looks so good that I would like to keep it for myself, that’s when I know it’s the quality you’ll be happy with!.

These are just of some ideas you can get in your helmet:
Standard/basic graphics on new helmet, Names or number on front/rear/sides, Character work, Special effects, Airbrushed murals, Coarse metallic silver base, Chrome base* (allow up to 1 week extra), Special effects colors such as metallics, metalflakes, pearlescents, iridescents, and chameleon pearls are available.

As chrome is an outsourced service, we cannot guarantee a perfect chrome base finish. Rarely do chrome finishes come back flawless due to the emperamental nature of chrome coating, as the process is extremely complex. We cannot fix this once it arrives back in our workshop but only adjust the design to correct it. Unfortunately the chromers do not guarantee a flawless coating, although they do try to perfect each and every helmet Chrome service. The chroming service extends the time required to do your helmet by an extra week. We also recommend various silver paint choices (fine grain, coarse grain, pearl, sparklercent, etc).

image 19-min

Add your flag wherever you want

Customize the visor stripe the way you want

Customizable colors, logos and overall design


Once we settle on a design, the helmet is first taken apart as much as possible, though with most helmets there’s not much that will come off besides the visor and maybe some of the vent covers and sometimes rubber molding. The rest is masked as carefully as possible. The outside is sanded lightly to take off the outer glaze. It is then primered, and then the masking starts for the patterning. Of course the colors all have to be done one at a time, remasking everything else.

The color coats are automotive style acrylics and/or other specialty paints, and the clearcoat is at least 3 coatsof catalyzed urethane, color wet sanded by hand with 1000 grit and then 2000 grit 3M finishing sandpaper, and finally hand polished for that “you can see your reflection” final surface finish. The end results are very eye catching and “deep” looking… better in person than in the photographs here.

Most logos (like the prancing horse or helmet brand logos) can be painted, but if you have stickers you’d like to use, they can be applied under the clearcoat so that the final result is smoothed and won’t have hard edges. Or if you wish to add stickers yourself later, that’s no problem with the clearcoat I use. For maintenance, you can apply any wax or polymer sealer, just like you would on your car’s paint.

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