James Hunt Full Scale Helmets

The 1976 Formula 1 World Champion, English driver James Hunt was one of the most popular personalities in the history of the sport and remains an iconic figure of the category to date.

He was McLaren’s second Drivers’ Championship after he beat Austrian legend Niki Lauda in 1976. Hunt also drove for Hesketh and Wolf in F1.

The Englishman won 10 GPs and started 92 races.

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What helmet did James Hunt use?

During his Formula 1 career, James Hunt wore Simpson Bandit.

How Kimi Räikkönen pays tribute to James Hunt?

Has decided to pay homage during the 2012 Monaco Grand Prix. It has been presented with a new helmet, a replica of the one used by James Hunt when he competed in Formula 1.

What was James Hunts helmet design like?

Hunt added thin bands of blue, yellow, and red (representing the Wellington school colours) that pull back from the visor and his name with thick white block decals.